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Consulting Services

As experts on organizational design and strategic planning, we help you solve complex problems so that you can stay focused on your mission. We work with leaders in the private and public sectors to improve their organization's systems and structures, while empowering its people. 

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Organizational Design

As mission-based organizations grow, they often require new organizational structures. By developing an in-depth understanding of your team, we help you bring alignment between people's strengths and your short-and long-term goals. We will design a structure that is strategic, efficient, and cohesive.

CEO Time Audit

CEOs and Executive Directors are spread across so many competing priorities that they don't have enough time to execute on each of them. Recognizing that time is your most precious resource, we will conduct a time audit to analyze its current allocation and identify areas of improvement so that you can save your brain space for more difficult decisions.

Tailored Strategic Planning

Complex environments present challenges that are so unique they don't have clear solutions. Using a data-driven approach, we help you turn your overwhelming problem into solutions with clear-cut and actionable steps. By conducting stakeholder interviews, analyzing trends, and assessing systems and structures, we will craft a plan that is specifically tailored for your organization.

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